We are just a bunch of individuals curious about the intricacies of the digital marketing universe. Marketing hasn’t changed, but what has, is marketing in the digital world.  So we took it upon ourselves to create a blog to learn more about topics that are dear to our hearts and share with you these learning along the way. You can expect our content to always be bite-sized (we don’t want to bore you), simplified (to make sense of all the non-sense) and opinionated (because that’s who we are in life). Now, we can only hope that you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it.



Jen Taftay
Ex-party enthusiast and ballroom dancer turned mediocre blogger and aspiring digital native. I like all things marketing and hope to be one hell of a marketer some day (preferably soon). My hobbies include endlessly scrolling through Netflix, late night snacks, globe trotting and spending quality time with my dysfunctional family and friends.
Luis Yamada
Alex Cooper
I am a digital marketing millennial who doesn’t like social media, weird eh? I am a high energy, sports loving, pizza eating kid who loves using creativity to challenge old school thinking. Does a one legged duck swim in a circle?
Valentine Vaillant
Born Frenchie and now Canadian wannabee. My friends describe me as a “vivacious marketer” (their nice way of telling me that I’m INTENSE). I have an endless curiosity who pushes me to travel and constantly learn new things. Also, a hustling yoga teacher on the side to stay ZEN in this crazy world!
Amy Li
Avid collector of trivia (that is, trivial facts). Somewhat morbid fascination for how most things tick. At any given moment, one might find me staring lovingly into a bowl of noodles, staring intently at a computer screen, or staring at something(/one) that has caught my imagination.
Elliot Yeo
Learned how to learn and now I have to know everything. Hungry for knowledge but full of pineapple. Technology and Marketing take up most of my time, but don't be surprised to find me in a gym or swimming in an ocean.